Certified Open House Agents

Updated: May 2018

These RMDS Agents are currently Certified to provide the Recommended Service Level for any Open House opportunities that you may have. Please feel free to contact any of them directly to discuss the Open House opportunity and to cleary define the Service Level needed.
(Recommended Service Level is defined below.)

Dawnya Alamia
863.832.0400 - northdfwrealtor@gmail.com

Patty Allen
469-693-0974 - pattytherealtor@gmail.com

Lisa Alleva
214.232.4072 - lisaalleva@gmail.com

Omar Al-Tememe
214.859.0335 - omaribrco@aol.com

Debbie Beauston
214.725.9198 - debbiebeauston@mindspring.com

Patrik Brodelius
214.679.8020 - patrik.brodelius@gmail.com

Jim Cairo
972.837.7964 - jimc825@gmail.com

Deirdre Cannon
214.707.8881 - deirdrecannon1@gmail.com

Patrick Chiles
214.676.9695 - pchiles1953@gmail.com

Chuck Collins
214.679.3316 - chuckcollins94@gmail.com

Denise Cullers
214.202.3364 - denise@esmpubs.com

Holly Cash
972.800.3856 - hcashi3@gmail.com

MaryGold Donaldson

972.523.1418 - marygoldsellsdfw@gmail.com

Bryn Efseroff
214.733.7022 - brynefseroff@msn.com

John Gonzales

469.682.2566 - john.gonzales@remax.net

Doug Gould
661.472.0809 - douglasgouldscv@aol.com

Don Grimes
214.537.1044 - clwproperties@sbcglobal.net

Cyndy Hall
214.498.0330 - cyndy.hall@gmail.com

Kris Havner
972.322.7355 - kris.havner@remax.net

Louie Lopez
214.223.6666 - re.lopez@hotmail.com

Ancy Philips
214.673.6254 - ancyphilips@gmail.com

Parul Rawat
972.571.5055 - parul.rawat275@gmail.com

Vania Rocha
469.964.6866 - edvaniasanders@gmail.com

Tessa Samarripas
214.284.8548 - tdoiel@gmail.com

Braxton Tinsley
214.205.1412 - braxton@tinsleyrealtyteam.com

Lauren Walker
214.425.5228 - walker@teamathey.com




Open House Certification

Recommended Service Level (RSL)


£ Meet with Listing Agent to confirm Open House opportunity and define the RSL

£ Request Listing Agent update MLS with Open House information (no later than COB Wednesday)

£ Confirm with Listing Agent that MLS has been updated with Open House information

£ Make CSS appointment to PREVIEW the property

£ Gather and prepare information (as applicable per Listing Agent Service Level)

o   Sellers Disclosure Notice

o   School info 

o   Property tax info

o   HOA amenities, fees and deed restrictions

o   Property features, amenities and upgrades

o   Utility cost info

o   Survey

o   Mortgage program calculator with payment examples

o   CMA

o   ACTIVE comps in area

o   Neighborhood info (parks, trails, etc.)

o   Buyers Packet


§  Buyers Rep Agreement (optional)

§  Property flyer

§  Personal brochure

o   Guest Registry

o   Comment Cards

£ Get approval for refreshments

£ Get approval and place “Open XXXday 2-4” sign rider on SIY 3-5 days prior to Open House

£ Post Open House announcement and Open House schedule to Social Media

£ Check and verify city / neighborhood ordinances for directional sign placement

£ Reserve RE/MAX Cold Air Balloon

£ Confirm Open House with Listing Agent 24-48 hours prior

o   Make CSS appointment for Open House (security codes, gate codes, etc.)

£ Notify Security Guard if property is in a gated community

£ Place multiple directional signs 1 hour prior to Open House

£ Confirm Supra key is charged

£ Dress appropriately

£ Arrive 30-60 minutes prior to Open House and remain during the entire Open House schedule

£ Stage property, turn on all lights including closets and garage, open curtains, close toilet lids

£ Control visitors especially if they have small children

£ Turn off all lights, lock all doors and set security system if applicable

£ Collect and remove all personal marketing material, directional signs and sign riders

£ Provide Listing Agent with feedback and update CSS feedback request within 60 minutes

£ Send Thank You cards to all visitors that registered


NOTE: Never disclose any confidential information about the property or the Sellers, including DOM, Offer Activity, Seller motivation, etc. Remember you are acting as a Subagent to the Seller. Do not discuss any comments or feedback with the Seller. Provide all feedback to the Listing Agent.